H2 Gear is the online store for London's biggest bike store Giant St Paul's. Located in the heart of the City we have the widest choice of Giant and Liv bikes in stock in the UK available for next day delivery.* 

We don't just sell bikes; we're your destination for all things Giant and Liv. From clothing and accessories to that hard to find spare part, if we don't stock it you probably won't need it! Add to this our hand picked ranges from the world's best cycling brands like Castelli, Kask and Topeak.

Staffed by roadies, mountain bikers and triathletes we're here to help you get the best from all of your two-wheeled adventures. 

*It may not be possible to offer next day delivery during busy periods. Please contact us if you need your purchase(s) to arrive by a specifc date.


C/O Giant St Pauls200 Aldersgate Street London EC1A 4HD


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2019 Giant Slr 0 Aero 65mm Tubeless Rim Brake Rear Wheel in Black http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/350000168.jpg

2019 Giant slr 0 aero 65mm tubeless rim brake rear wheel in black

2019 Giant Slr 1 Aero 65mm Tubeless Rim Brake Front Wheel in Black http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/350000169.jpg

2019 Giant slr 1 aero 65mm tubeless rim brake front wheel in black

2019 Giant Slr 1 Aero 65mm Tubeless Rim Brake Rear Wheel in Black http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/350000170.jpg

2019 Giant slr 1 aero 65mm tubeless rim brake rear wheel in black

2019 Giant Slr 1 Disc Aero Front Wheel in Black http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/350000127.jpg

2019 Giant slr 1 disc aero front wheel in black

SL 1 Climbing Front Wheel 700c http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/GIANT/2016_Giant_SL_1_Climbing_Front_Wheel_profile.jpg SL 1 Climbing
SL 1 Climbing Rear Wheel 700c http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/GIANT/2016_Giant_SL_1_Climbing_Rear_Wheel_Profile.jpg SL 1 Climbing
SLR 0 Aero 65mm Tubeless Rim Brake Front Wheel 700c http://www.h2gear.co.uk// SLR 0 Aero 65mm Tubeless Rim Brake
2019 Giant Slr 0 Disc Aero Front Wheel in Black http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/350000125.jpg

2019 Giant slr 0 disc aero front wheel in black

Giant CXR 0 TUBULAR Rear Wheel, Black 700C http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/giant/350000161-cxr-0-fw-tubular.jpg

At just 1374g for the pair, you'll be one big step ahead of the competition

Giant SLR 0 Climbing Front Wheel BLK 700C http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/giant/350000155-slr0-climbing-fw.jpg

SLR 0 Climbing

Giant CXR 0 Tubular Front Wheel, Black 700C http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/giant/350000161-cxr-0-fw-tubular.jpg

Cxr 0(tubular)

Giant CXR 1 Rear Wheel, BLK 700C http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/giant/350000163-cxr-1-fw.jpg

Cxr 1

Giant SLR 1 Disc Climbing, Black 700C http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/giant/350000139-slr1-disc-climbing-fw.jpg

SLR 1 Disc Climbing

Giant SLR 1 Aero Front Wheel, Black 700C http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/giant/350000145-slr1-fw-55mm.jpg

SLR 1 Aero

Giant SLR 1 Climbing Rear Wheel, Black 700C http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/giant/350000157-slr1-climbing-fw.jpg

SLR 1 Climbing

2016 Giant SLR 0 Disc CenterLock RW 700c http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/giantslr0disccentrelockwheelsystemrear.jpg No Description Available
2016 SLR 1 Climbing RW 700c http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/giant/2016_giant_slr_1_climbing_rear_wheel_profile.jpg

SLR 1 Climbing

Mavic XA Pro Carbon 27.5 Black http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/mavicxaprocarbon.jpg

No Description Available

Mavic XA Pro Carbon 27.5 Blk/Yellow http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/mavicxaprocarbonblackyellow.jpg

No Description Available

Alpha 400 Rim 700 24H http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/stannotubes400700crims.jpg No Description Available
Ksyrium Elite Disc Pr 700c http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/ksyriumelitedisc2017.jpg No Description Available
2018 SLR 0 Aero Front Wheel 700C http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/giant/350000143-slr0-fw-55mm.jpg

SLR 0 Aero

Mavic Ksyrium Pro Disc Wheelset 6 Bolt 700c http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/mavicksyriumprodiscwheelset2017.png

A versatile disc brake all-rounder for your most challenging road rides

Giant SLR 0 Disc Aero Rear Wheel Black 700C http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/giant/350000126-350000126-slr0-disc-aero-rw.jpg

Ultra light composite aero rear wheel with a rim depth of 65mm

Giant SLR 0 42mm Rear Wheel Black 700C http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/350000132-slr0-disc-42mm-rw.jpg

Ultra lightweight disc brake climbing wheel with 42mm rim depth 

2018 Giant SLR 1 Climbing Front Wheel http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/giant/giant-350000157-slr1-climbing-fw.jpg

SLR 1 climbing front wheel

Edco AeroSport WheelSet http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/aerosport-umbrial-light-rb-wb-front_cl8xmdi0edewmjrfzf9qcgdfl19hc3nldc9fchjpdmf0zs9zag9wl3byb2r1y3rjbwfnzs80mw_5351ad93.jpg
Proven both in the wind tunnel and on the road, these wheels give little steering torque at high angles of attack, providing unparalleled crosswind stability
Cosmic Pro Carbon Disc CL 700c http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/screenshot2017-02-07at10.12.09.png

2017 Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Disc Brake Wheelset and Tire System. The best value carbon wheel-tyre system now available in a disc brake specific version.

Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL C Disc 700c http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/screenshot2017-02-02at12.05.53.png

2017 Mavic Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL Clincher Disc, Center Lock, 12mm Thru Axle, QR Compatible, Endurance Road Bike Wheelset.

Cosmic Pro Carbon SL C Disc 700c http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/mavic-cosmic-pro-carbon-sl-c.jpg

This wheelset provides a fine balance between road performance and climbs using deep aero rims. Get the benefits carbon wheels with the sharpness of disc brakes.

Cosmic Pro Carbon M25 700c http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/maviccosmicprocarbonm-25black.jpg

Combining an alloy braking surface with carbon rims makes the best of both worlds

Mavic XA Pro Carbon Boost 27.5 blk/yellow http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/mavicxaprocarbonblackyellow.jpg

No Description Available

Giant SLR 1 Disc Climbing Wheel, Black 700C http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/giant/350000139-slr1-disc-climbing-fw.jpg

SLR 1 Disc Climbing

Giant SLR 1 Carbon Front Wheel, Disc Brake 700c http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/slr1sidcwheels2016.jpg

No Description Available

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