H2 Gear is the online store for London's biggest bike store Giant St Paul's. Located in the heart of the City we have the widest choice of Giant and Liv bikes in stock in the UK available for next day delivery.* 

We don't just sell bikes; we're your destination for all things Giant and Liv. From clothing and accessories to that hard to find spare part, if we don't stock it you probably won't need it! Add to this our hand picked ranges from the world's best cycling brands like Castelli, Kask and Topeak.

Staffed by roadies, mountain bikers and triathletes we're here to help you get the best from all of your two-wheeled adventures. 

*It may not be possible to offer next day delivery during busy periods. Please contact us if you need your purchase(s) to arrive by a specifc date.


c/o Giant St Pauls200 Aldersgate Street London EC1A 4HD


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Keo Max 2 Pedals http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/ZYRO/LOKEO2MAX_28471.jpg No Description Available
2020 Giant Pedal Cleats 9 Degrees Float Look Compatible in Black http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/230000073.jpg

2019 Giant pedal cleats 9 degrees float look compatible in black

Shimano M530 trail Pedal SPD White http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/MAD/pdm530w.jpg PD-M530 MTB SPD Trail Pedals - Two-Sided Mechanism - White
Shimano 105 R7000 Spd-Sl Carbon Pedals Black http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/MAD/pdr7000.jpg PD-R7000 105 SPD-SL Road Pedals, Carbon
Look X-Track En-Rage Mtb Pedal with Cleats, BLACK http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/zyro/pext18225_31094.jpg

The Look X-TRACK EN-RAGE, designed for the TRAIL / ENDURO discipline offers a wider pedal body

Look X-Track En-Rage Plus Mtb Pedal With Cleats BLACK http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/zyro/pext18226_31095.jpg No Description Available
Look X-Track Mtb Pedal With Cleats GREY size http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/ZYRO/PEXT1822_31089.jpg
Look X-Track Mtb Pedal With Cleats RED size http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/ZYRO/PEXT1822_31090.jpg No Description Available
Speedplay Zero Stainless Walk http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/speedplay-zero-stainless-wwalkable-cleats---black.jpg

Speedplay is the professional road racer's pedal of choice

Giant City Sport Pedal http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/230000022.jpg

All you need to put your feet on.

Shimano XT M8040 Flat Pedals M/L Black 9/16 inch http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/MAD/pdm8040ml.jpg PD-M8040 XT MTB Flat Pedals, Size M/ L
2020 Giant Road Elite Clipless Pedals in Black http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/230000067.jpg

2019 Giant road eliteclipless pedals in black

Shimano GR500 Flat Pedals, Black http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/MAD/pdgr500l.jpg PD-GR500 MTB Flat Pedals, Black
M:Part City alloy/plastic Pedals http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/MAD/mpp03.jpg Commute Pedals, Alloy Body, Plastic Cage, Kraton Top - 9/16 Inch Thread
M:Part Standard Plastic Body Pedals 9/16 thread http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/MAD/mpp04.jpg Standard Plastic Pedals - 9/16 Inch Thread
Shimano M424 MTB/Urban SPD Pedal http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/MAD/pdm424.jpg PD-M424 MTB SPD Pedals - Pop-Up Mechanism
Shimano M520 SPD Pedal, Black http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/MAD/pdm520l.jpg PD-M520 MTB SPD Pedals - Two Sided Mechanism, Black
Shimano R540 SPD-SL Road Pedals http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/MAD/pdr540l.jpg PD-R540 SPD-SL Road Pedals - Black
Look Keo Classic 3 Road Clipless Pedals http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/26774_look_keo_classic_3_pedals.jpg
2020 Giant AC Pedal in Black http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/230000006.jpg

Nice clean cage pedal.

2020 Giant Pedal Cleats Multiple Direction Spd Compatible in Black http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/230000075.jpg

2019 Giant pedal cleats multiple direction spd compatible in black

2020 Giant Cleats 0 Degrees Float Look Compatible in Black http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/230000071.jpg

2019 Giant cleats 0 degrees float look compatible in black

2020 Giant Cleats 4.5 Degrees Float Look Compatible in Black http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/230000072.jpg

2019 Giant cleats 4.5 degrees float look compatible in black

2020 Giant Cleats Single Direction Spd Compatible in Black http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/230000074.jpg

2019 Giant cleats single direction spd compatible in black

2020 Giant Xc Elite Clipless Pedals in Black http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/230000070.jpg

2019 Giant xc elite clipless pedals in black

Giant Road Pro Pedals http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/230000067.jpg

2019 Giant Road Pro Clipless Pedals in Black

Giant Trail Elite MTB Pedals http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/230000069.jpg

No Description Available

VP Road Pedal http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/vp-road-cycling-pedals.jpg

Road pedals with cleats, three-bolt shoe compatible

Speedplay Zero Chromoly Walk http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/speedplayzerochromolywalk.jpg No Description Available
Shimano M647 SPD pedal http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/MAD/pdm647.jpg PD-M647 MTB SPD Pedals - Pop-Up Mechanism
Shimano R550 SPD-SL Pedals http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/MAD/pdr550l.jpg PD-R550 SPD SL Road Pedals, Resin Composite, Black
Shimano M324 SPD Pedals http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/shimanospdpedalenpdm324mtb.jpg

Hard-wearing durable pedals with SPD & flat sides, great for daily commuting and touring

Shimano XTR M9020 MTB Trail Pedals http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/mad/pdm9020.jpg


Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 SPD-SL Carbon Road Pedals http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/MAD/pd9000.jpg No Description Available
Giant Original Flat MTB Pedal http://www.h2gear.co.uk//images/67031.jpg Giant Original Mtb Pedal-Core Black
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