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 3dma Giant St Pauls Bike Fit

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For many customers a bike fit is an essential ingredient for getting the most out of their riding. Whether you are buying a new bike or fine tuning the position of your current ride we offer a range of fitting solutions that will help you achieve your goals and get the best from your bike.

For riders of all abilities we offer a full 3D motion capture fit. Covering all cycling disciplines and using the latest technology to break down your every on bike movement pinpointing the smallest of issues we will increase comfort, reduce risk of injury and hopefully even get some performance gains at the same time.

We also offer the Giant Powerfit service. Powered by Wattbike, PowerFit offers all the extensive features and measurements as a Wattbike - the world's leading exercise bike as used by British Cycling.

Further fitting systems that complement our core service include saddle, shoe and cleat positioning. We also keep a full range of demo saddles in stock with 30 day exchange service.

We understand a good bike fit is a process that takes time so please get in touch for more information on how we can help you.

About Bike Fitting at Giant St Paul’s

With over 10 year’s experience in bike fitting our Bike Fit Analyst focuses on four areas to provide riders with the best possible fit for their bike:

  1. Performance gains
  2. Comfort
  3. Injury free
  4. Enhanced riding experience

We have experience with the majority of bike fitting systems currently or previously available and have selected 3DMA bike fitting technology to bring the latest innovations in fitting to our customers. We are one of the first bike fit studios in the UK to offer this service and the only location in central London.

Side bar details prices and what’s involved

Full 3D motion capture bike fit - £225

We are the first store in London to use the 3DMA by STT. This system uses more data points than any other comparable bike fitting systems ensuring we can provide the most detailed bike fit analysis. Our software allows us to isolate individual parts of the body so we can iron out tiny imperfections in your fit and help you to get maximum performance from your bike.

Duration – up to 3 hours for first fit and consultation

Giant PowerFit - £100

In partnership with Wattbike we use pedalling analysis to improve your technique, balance, efficiency and power.

Duration – up to 1.5 hours

Points of Contact - £50

Consultation with our Bike Fit Analyst who will set your bike position by adjusting saddle height inc  fore / aft position, stem height and handlebar position.

Duration – 30 minutes

Cleat position - £20

Set up available on all types of cycling shoe and pedal systems.