Bike Fitting

All fit consultations take place in our purpose built fit room at Giant St Pauls, with one of our
qualified bike fit professionals. The fitters will endeavour to understand the way you ride and what
you want to achieve on the bike, so that we can help you find a position that will help achieve those

We offer a variety of fits to meet different rider’s needs:

Cleat fit £20
Incorrectly fitted cleats can cause a number of problems, from general loss of power to sensitive pressure spots and loss of sensation on the foot.
In a cleat fit, we look at the position front to back, side to side and the rotation of the cleat - to centre it over the strongest part of the foot and allow for the ankle to follow its natural path in the pedal stroke. The process takes about 15-20 minutes.

Points of Contact £70
In our basic fit, we use tried and tested geometries to bring riders into a position that will take pressure away from hands and into the pedals to enable distance riding with the minimum fuss. The process takes about 45 minutes. Cleat fit included.

Powerfit £100
Using our state of the art Wattbike to measure your power output in a variety of positions, we are able to bring you into a position that is measurably both more efficient and more comfortable. Cleat fit included. This takes about an hour.

Full Fit £150
For those riders and triathletes taking their sport more seriously, or recovering from injury, we offer an in-depth, dynamic fit looking at how your skeleton and muscles react to movement on the bike.
Using the Wattbike and the BikeFit wedging system, we create a bespoke cleat fit to maximise pedalling efficiency, reduce knee movement and help prevent injury, before moving upwards and custom fitting each part of the bike to your body’s needs. We finish by looking at where the rider can improve, suggesting exercises, stretches or other training to really push them to the next level. We recommend this fit to anyone who wants to get the best out of their bike, anyone undertaking triathlon at olympic or longer distances, or riders suffering from or recovering from knee or back injuries.
Allow 2 hours for the fit.