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H2 Gear Deanima Custom Bikes

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Handbuilt Custom Italian Bike Frames 

H2 Gear is pleased to offer a custom bike build service via our partnership with Deanima. Choose carbon or steel, road or gravel, caliper or disc brakes and Deanima will handcraft your dream frameset. H2 Gear at Giant St Paul's start with an in-depth session with our bikefitter, Adam, to gather information on your flexibility, riding style and body proportions. This informs the custom geometry for your Deanima. 

Your frame will be built and painted in Pergine Valsugana in northern Italy by Gianni Pegoretti, Antonio Attanasio and Matt Cazzaniga. 

Once the frame is ready we will assemble your complete build to your desired specification. Choose your groupset, wheels, finishing parts, everything down to the bar tape. It's your bike and your Deanima will be unique to you.



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Deanima Frame Contstruction

Lugged Steel The classic method of frame construction, it’s the pride of the Italian frame building tradition. Deanima braze Dedacciai tubing and LongShen lugs together with brass and file edges to finish. 

Carbon Made from carbon fibre fabric and joined using wrapped carbon joints. Deanima started using carbon fibre at the beginning of 2000 when the material made its entry into the world of cycling.

Achieving the desired ride quality starts with the tube design and mould construction. The layup of carbon fibre sheets affects the rigidity of the frame and great care is taken in every step of the process. Carbon tubes are mitred to the required design geometry, inserted into a jig to hold the correct angles, and the joints are bonded with carbon fabric impregnated with resin (prepeg). The frame is then bagged, the air removed, and it's put in the oven to be cured. After cooling, the frame will be lightly sanded and a coat of resin is applied. Further sanding follows before final checks are made to the alightment.

Paint Finish

A perfect paint finish requires skill and experience and the process can easily take up to 2 days.

 All the frames are spray painted by hand; Deanima do not use any type of transfers, stickers or electro static finishing. Your frame is first sanded and a primer is applied. Then the the artistry begins with your chosen colours, graphics and stencilling.

Multiple stencils are used in each design, different for each colour. These are meticulously applied, painted and removed. Paint must dry between layers to ensure crisp edges. Finally, a clear gloss or matt coat finishes and protects the paint. This time-consuming process brings your bike to life and the results speak for themselves.




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