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H2 Gear Fitting

Bike Fitting at Giant St. Paul's, London

Phone 0203 598 2535 to book your appointment - or give the gift of comfort and performace to a cyclist in your life

H2 Gear Bike Fit Session

If you ride any type of road, TT or tri bike we recommend a bike fit every 2 years. The goal of a bike fit with an expert fitter is to achieve optimal efficency and comfort for the rider.

A proper bike fit can alleviate or eliminate symptoms of the following:

  • Knee pain
  • Saddle sores
  • Aching shoulders
  • Numb hands
  • Numb feet
  • Sore neck
  • Poor posture
  • Discomfort from long term pain, such as back and knee issues

H2 Bike Fit

You do not need a Giant or Liv bike to book a bike fitting, and you don’t need to be a professional athlete to benefit from our bike fitting services either. You just need to decide which level of bike fitting you require from our list of services below:

Full 3D Motion Capture Bike Fitting - £225

Giant, St Paul’s is the first store in London to use the 3D Motion Analysis (3DMA) system, the latest innovation in fitting. We are one of the first bike fitting studios in the UK to offer this service and the only in central London.

This system uses more data points than any other comparable bike fitting systems ensuring we can provide the most detailed bike fit analysis to you. Our software allows us to isolate individual parts of your body so we can iron out tiny imperfections in your fit and help you to get maximum performance from your bike.

This session includes a review of your physical makeup, flexibility, injury history, problems on the bike, shoe and cleat set-up. After assessing your needs, our fitter Adam uses the 3DMA motion capture system to provide specific data points, which he can then use to analyse your pedal stroke, knee movement and body angles amongst other things. The session is a series of tweaks to your set-up followed by testing, further analysis, and repeat.

After your fit you will receive the following:

  • Full bike fitting report
  • 3DMA report
  • Drawing showing the final bike set-up (which can be applied to other bikes)
  • Ideal future bike geometry drawing (if required)

Duration – up to 3 hours for first fit and consultation, free 30 minute follow up (if required) up to 3 months after the initial fitting.

Basic Bike Fitting - £130

This session is the most popular fitting option for both those who are relatively new to cycling or a seasoned cyclist who wants to check their existing position due to a change in intensity or body shape.

The session is conducted using traditional bike fitting methods and all the necessary adjustments to the bike will be made where possible.

You will receive the following from the fitting

Bike fitting report

Drawing showing the final bike set-up (which can be applied to other bikes)

Duration – Up to 1 hour (if a follow up is needed this is charged at £50)

If you require cleats mounting during the bike fitting please add £20 to the cost. If you would like to be fitted for 2 positions on one bike. For example, a triathlon position with clip-on extensions and a road position then this will be £100 in total and will take 1hr 30mins.

Geometry Fitting - £130

This option is for anyone who is about to buy a new bike and isn’t sure about the ideal size. You can do this session without a bike, but you will need your shoes and lycra.

You will receive the following from the fitting:

Ideal future bike geometry drawing

Up to 3 set-up drawings based potential new bike purchases.

Cleat positioning - £25

Set up available on all types of cycling shoe and pedal systems

Duration 30 minutes

Saddle Fitting - £50 (£25 is refundable against a saddle purchase over £75)

Identifying the correct saddle isn’t as straight forward as you may initially think. This option is designed to help you. You will be required to bring in your bike and kit, duration is 40mins to 1hr.

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